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  • Centre for Socio-Political Research of the Republic of Srpska

    Publication: Genesis of the Muslim Brotherhood and radical Islam in Bosnia and Herzegovina

    20. May 2024.

    The phenomenon of radicalization among adherents of traditional Islam in the 20th and 21st centuries is multifaceted, with a range of causes and models varying with geographical location and historical context. Its origins can be traced back to the colonial policies of Western European powers, the era of Nazism, and ultimately to the instrumentalization of Islam adherents by the states within the Western political sphere.

    We present a concise yet comprehensive overview of how radisalization was introduced to the territory of present-day Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as the ramifications it has had in the recent past.

    This concise analysis of the emergence, evolution, and activities of Muslim Brotherhood structures in Bosnia and Herzegovina aims to shed light on why these entities undermine stability and the fortification of democratic institutions in the region.