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  • Centre for Socio-Political Research of the Republic of Srpska

    Statement from the Director of the Center Regarding Current Events

    27. September 2023.

    In the context of current historical and geopolitical circumstances and enduring processes, it is crucial for us to be aware of how essential and pivotal a comprehensive Serbian unity is if we wish for our children and future generations to have the chance to live as free individuals, conscious and proud of their cultural and national identity.

    The generations of our ancestors who forged Serbian lands in the 19th and 20th centuries were well aware that true and authentic freedom must always be attained through great sacrifice. They not only taught us but also made it our duty, through their sacrifices, never to forget that every “freedom” given as a gift invariably masks varying degrees of dependency or even servitude.

    Today, it is vital that we recognize that this hard-earned freedom, for which countless generations of our ancestors sacrificed their lives, must be protected at all costs. The essential requirement for preserving freedom in our present circumstances lies in the deliberate cultivation of unity and the unwavering pursuit of truth.

    In this regard, all attacks on the institutions of the Republic of Srpska and the legitimately elected representatives within these institutions can be perceived as strategic attacks, albeit executed through various tactical means, aimed at the dismantling of Serbian states and our people. In light of these circumstances, an appropriate response is warranted: elevating awareness of the necessity of further cultivating and preserving the unity of all Serbs in the Republic of Srpska and Serbian territories, as well as safeguarding our identity, liberation traditions, and the legacy of eminent figures within these traditions.

    The significance of all the aforementioned elements in the present circumstances is underscored by a concise overview prepared by the associates of the Center, which we are providing as an attachment.

    Dušan Pavlović

    Director of the Public Institution Centre for Socio-Political Research

    of the Republic of Srpska

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